28 Feb 2013

Google Play Books Now Available in India.

The one thing for which the Google Play Store attracts a lot of criticism is the fact that various parts of the Play Store (Books, Movies, Music) are not available in many countries. Although Google has started spreading it's Stores outside the US, Asia has not been given much love. All this has changed, as from today Google has launched its digital bookshop (a.k.a Play Books) in India Today, making them available to a large Android population.

Google confirmed the addition via their official Play Store Twitter account, with the app and the web portion now live in the country. The prices of the books are reportedly similar to their dollar counterparts, with more than 50 free titles. The collection includes the expected mixture of Indian and International titles.

The Books expansion by Google may be the start of an overall strategy by Google for the Indian market. It may be an indication of better thinks to come.

Source: Play Store, Twitter

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