11 Jan 2013

Google Nexus 4 Spotted Running Android 4.2.2

Unless it is a work of photoshop, it looks like a few lucky people just got their hands on an LG made Nexus 4 shipped with Android Jellybean 4.2.2 out of the box. The photos have allegedly come from a certain Nexus 4 in Malaysia and another in Brazil.

Currently Android 4.2.1 is the latest official public build by Google, which addressed a lot of bugs in the 4.2.0 version (including the embarrassing missing december issue). Such a quick rollout of 4.2.2 version may seem a little fishy, but it doesn't mean that Google isn't working on Android 4.2.2.

Despite the point difference in the build number, the device reportedly doesn't have any new features different from the everyday's Nexus 4 running Jellybean 4.2.1, except "dev keys" at the end of the build number. This comes as no surprise as more changes are expected under the hood in fixing bugs than tweaks in the UI.

It is quite easy to manipulate images such as these. On the other hand, it makes sense that brand new Nexus 4 phones that LG manufactures in Brazil run the very latest version of Android. Is this a private beta test build leak or is a roll-out of the new build in progress? Only the coming few weeks can answer.

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Source: Lowyat and Adrenaline

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