23 Jan 2013

Pixar Lamp - Brought To Life In Reality

The Pixar introductory logo animation will be etched in peoples mind for many years to come and is one that still excites people at the movies. However, only few know how the jumping lamp was even invented in the first place. 

Now, Adam Ben-Dror, Shanshan Zhou and Joss Dogget from the University of Wellington, New Zealand decided to bring the Pixar lamp to life, and the result is mind-twisting in every sense.

Through intricate animatronics, these people managed to bring the Pixar lamp to life in a way that most of us would find creepy. With a face recognition feature, it will track your every move and behave as if it wants to tell you something. The eerie way it tries to find you when you are hiding your face behind a book is not only creepy, but also displays a false sense of intelligence. It’s intelligence that might make this Pixar lamp (named “pinokio”) the most humanoid lamp we have ever seen. Its algorithm, electronic circuit and structural modifications make this Pixar lamp come to life when you switch the “lamp” on. Don’t think you are safe though. Once you turn it on, you will not be able to turn it off, at least not with the on/off switch. The Pixar lamp is “aware” of its own conscious state, and it will simply turn itself on again if you decide to turn it off. It’s freaky how impressively this lamp keeps its “master” at bay. Freaky to say the least!

'Pinokio' is able to respond to the prompts of human movement - bringing the iconic Pixar Lamp to life!


Source: Design Boom 

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