24 Jan 2014

Roman Birg - Founder of Android Open Kang Project Joins Cyanogen Inc.

The Android custom ROM development community, is a small tight group. Shaking things up was the announcement of Roman Birg, founder and leader of the Android Open Kang Project (better known as AOKP) joining the newly established Cyanogen Inc., the company that's now formally developing and promoting the CyanogenMod ROM.

Birg's role at Cyanogen is still unclear, although many believe it has come in effect of the company advertising job openings for software engineers. Birg says that he will continue to work on the AOKP ROM while he's employed by Cyanogen Inc.

AOKP was formed post Android 4.0 nearly 2 years back, but built a very strong following because of the great amount of user friendly customization and tweaking built upon the stock Android experience.  With more than 3.5 million installations, AOKP has become the second most popular version of Android developed and released by the community, currently supporting over 60 official devices.

While CyanogenMod is the leader among custom ROM users, it's still a tiny minority of Android as a whole, and the path that the new corporation takes will be one to watch. It will be interesting to see where Cyanogen Inc. goes with input from the founder of its biggest custom ROM competitor.

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Source: AOKP Blog

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