12 Jan 2014

RUMOUR: Microsoft Planning to Release Windows 9 in April 2015

Let’s face it, Windows 8 was not the grand success the people at Microsoft were hoping for. What people forgot was that it was the first step towards Microsoft’s vision of a hybrid tablet and desktop operating system and it is still an evolving UI/OS (Remember the Android 1.6, 2.0 stock UI?).

Although the company is focused on continued development on Windows 8.1, with an “Windows 8.1 - Update 1” on the cards, Windows watcher Paul Thurrott is reporting that the company has started planning on a release of Windows 9, code-named "Threshold" sometime around April 2015. Allegedly, Microsoft will unveil its ideas/plans/vision for Windows 9 at the company’s Build 2014 developer conference in April later this year.

The move to Windows9 could help Microsoft to move away from the criticism that Windows 8 received. It’s currently unknown what type of changes will be made in Windows 9, but a "Metro 2.0" is being reported, which will focus on improving Microsoft’s new app world and tiles. One of the major things that will supposedly come in between now and April 2015 is a full return of the Start Menu, although it is more likely that Microsoft will include this change in the Update for Windows 8.1 rather than in an entirely new operating system next year.

BUILD 2014 Will Set the Vision for Windows 9

Like it did with Windows 8, Microsoft will use three major milestone development points for Windows 9, but it’s not clear how many of them will be released to the public during the development period.

Windows certainly needs public excitement, more Windows 8-style apps, and in house innovation if it is to succeed with its vision of a hybrid tablet and desktop operating system. Hopefully Build 2014 and Windows 9 will provide the company just that.

One thing is clear, while there will be further modifications to Windows 8.1 in the coming updates, Windows 9 looks to be the next major release.

Source: WinSuperSite

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