1 Apr 2013

2013 Google's April Fool's Roundup

The Mountain View based search giant just loves to have fun with it's users time and time again. This time around Google tried a lot of things to fool it's customers.

Well finally April 1 2013 is coming to an end (atleast on this side of the globe), so I decided to create a complete list of "pranks" played by Google on people around the globe. I will update the list if something new pops up.

1. YouTube is Shutting Down!

Yesterday the search giant announced that YouTube was actually a competition to find the best video on the internet and today was the last day to submit entries. Google will now judge the video's and announce a winner after a decade in 2023.

2. Treasure Maps

It seems that the Google Street View team have got their hands on the treasure maps of a certain "Captain Kidd" and decide to integrate them into the Google Maps today. Go people, it's a treasure hunt!

3. Awesome Applications - Google Play Developer Console 

To see this one, you need a Google Play Developer account. Rather than the usual "Add New Application", there is a new option of "Add New AWESOME Application". By choosing the latter Google helps you build the application based on advanced machine learning algorithms.

4. Google Nose (Beta)

As the name implies it lets you search for smells, with a database of more than 15 million "scentbyte". By mixing photons with infrasound waves, Google nose emulates various scents. Want to smell a rose, let Google Nose do it for you.

5. Gmail Blue

The most absurd in the list, it's Gmail but in Blue. Everything in Gmail is now Blue. According to Google this idea was present right from the start, only the technology to support it was absent.

6. Google+ Emoticon

Google+ photos will now have emoticons in your photos. Google is going to analyze all photos and add them. Luckily, hitting the smiley face on the top left, reverts your photo back to the original.

7. Easter Egg

As Easter was just yesterday, Google gave us a 3D rendered Easter Egg. You can check it out  by clicking this link in your browser and you will have a 3D rotating Easter Egg on your screen.

8. Fiber to the Pole

This one is mainly for the people belonging to Kansas City. As if the people of the city weren't already lucky to have gigabit connectivity in their homes, now they can access it even on the move. Just tap the QR code from our mobile 3 times, plug in the ethernet and you are set to enjoy gigabit speeds on the poles. Beware, it can get really crowded.


According to the blog post by Google Australia, Google is launching SCHMICK, an abbreviation for Simple Complete House Makeover Internet Conversion Kit. This addition to the Google Street View lets you decorate your house using pre-defined tools. 

10. Google Wallet ATM

What an invention it would be, if only it were real. Google has introduced the Google Wallet ATM. This attachment converts your smartphone into a ATM! just type the amount, and Google Wallet ATM prints it for you on the spot (Federal Bank has no problem with you printing your own cash).

If I missed something, please drop a comment below.

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