9 Apr 2013

[UPDATE] Google Play Store 4.0 - Rolling out to Phones & Tablets Today - Download Now

A redesigned Google Play Store has been making a buzz for some time now, with Android Police getting their hands on a leaked apk. A YouTube employee also posted a screenshot. The whole world was geared up for its launch at the Google I/O next month, but it seems that the Mountain View company did not have it in its mega event plans, as a blog post on the Android Blog has confirmed that the new Play Store will roll out to phones and tablets today itself!
The new cards based look definitely looks cleaner and aesthetically more beautiful. According to the blog, the new UI focuses on bigger images, grouping similar content and offering recommendations as you scroll down. All devices running Android 2.2 or higher will get the update.

Although the rollout starts worldwide today, with millions of devices the load on Google’s servers, it may be a few weeks till the update comes to your phone. Side loading the apk is an option, although no apk file is available yet (Update: Scroll to bottom for the link).
It is quite interesting to watch the UI changes Matias Duarte has brought into Android after joining the team (earlier he worked for – WebOS). He made the stock Google experience lovable with ICS (Android 4.0), brought out the aesthetic Google Cards with JB (Android 4.1/4.2) and now the clean Play Store UI. One can only wait with eager anticipation for Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0).

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Update: Android Police have once again provided us all with the apk. The app is signed by Google and upgrades your existing Play Store. The new version of the Play Store is 4.0.25. DOWNLOAD HERE.

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