13 Apr 2013

Get Facebook Home Running On Nearly Any Android Device

At the start of the month, everyone was excited about the Facebook Event, which finally revealed Facebook’s new launcher for Android – Facebook Home. A few days later an apk was leaked which worked on nearly any mobile. But, Facebook was quick to pull the plug on the app. Yesterday, finally Facebook Home was launched on the Play Store.

Sadly Facebook Home currently supports only Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One, One X, or One X+ (and HTC First). At first I side-loaded the apk (as I had done with the leak), surprisingly Facebook was checking the phone build, and all you get is this screen.

Luckily, Android is open-source and highly modifiable. You can change nearly anything, even your device. Hence running Facebook Home on your device is pretty easy.

Method 1: Rooted Devices Only

1. Install any build.prop editor app from the Play Store, such as this or this.
2. Open the app and MAKE A BACKUP.
3. Change build.prop to the following:

4. Save and reboot.
5. Install the Facebook Home apk – Link Here.
6. You are good to go!

Method 2: Non-Rooted Devices

1. Uninstall your current Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps.
2. Install the following apps. Facebook Home apk link and Facebook apk link.
3. You are good to go!
4Do note that by this method your apps will no longer get updates on the Play Store.

My personal experience with Facebook Home, has not been the best. I simply do not like it. It looks useful for those who use their smartphones only for Facebook. Although I love the “chat-heads” feature (more on that in the next article).

Please let us know your views on Facebook Home in the comments below.

P.S: I’m not gonna do a complete review of the app – as I find that my views are much similar to those by Android Police.

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